DAC-ART stone homes surrounded by California vineyards

DAC-ART stone homes designed by Theodore Dial to have the most authentic European stone appearance for homes available today. 

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Designing the best stone homes in the world
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éodore Dial
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Wilder Project    stone
Vosbein Project   stone
Ojong Project Project Dordogne style in California, Custom home in multiple structures à la française  stone
Offices Commercial Project   stone
Reeser Project/Reeser.htm   stone
Gaudel Project   stone
Garden Walls,  Entrances   Includng at Bottega Restaurant
Dean Lodge stone
Stevens Project   stone
Pensiero Elevations   stone
2011 Ft Morgan Rd Design   stone
Golden Project   stone
Hood Building Project   35,000 SF commercial building stone

Killcreas Project

Benoit Project   stone
Arquitt Project   stone
Nasello Project   stone
Slay Project   stone
Dyas Project   stone
Chrisopher Project   wood
Matsos Project   brick
Parker Project and Next Door Project   Dial's street scene, 2 houses side by side in Blount Springs employing DACs   wood
Tannin Charleston Project   Charleston single house style (side porch style)  brick
Selfe Drawing   stone
Greystone1 Project   stone
Pre-DAC-ART Projects  

Théodore Dial  dacology@me.com